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These are Jewish beats that are made special for keyboard players who are looking for top quality beats for the lowest prices on the web!!!


We sell beats from the top programmers Ezra Eliyahu, Sholom Mann, Elchonon , Moshe Lobel!!!

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Wah Techno

3 intros 4 fills 4 variations 3 endings and a break


Moshe Lobel

Ribbon 6/8

A perfect duplicate of Avraham Frieds' hit song!!!

3 intros 4 fills 4 variations 2 endings and a break.


Moshe Lobel

Main Freilach 2

3 intros 4 fills 4 variations 3 endings and a break


Moshe Lobel

DJ Techno

3 intros 2 fills 4 variations and a break.

A powerfull beat for the hit song ma pecha and many others.


Ezra Eliyahu

Your one stop shop for all your korg/Yamaha beats from the Best programmers!!!!!




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We sell Korg and Yamaha beats from the top programmers for the  lowest prices on the web. Our programmers work hours on each beat so that  you  have the best quality sound and keep your Simcha rolling.

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